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英語必修三 canada_圖文




Norman Bethune (1890 –1939)

Unit 5 Canada – “The True North” Reading Ⅰ

Pre- reading:
Look at the map below and discuss the following question in pairs: If you take a trip to Canada, what do you think you might see there?

Look at the title and the picture, and then try to predict what the text may be about.


Fast reading:
Read the passage fast and answer the following questions: 1.What is “The True North”? It is the cross-Canada train. How many cities are mentioned in the text? What are they? Five. They are Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Thunder Bay and Toronto.

Intensive reading:
Listen to the tape and draw the route of the travel in Canada


By plane

1 Vancouver Rocky 2 Mountains

By train

Calgary 3 (Stampede)

After dinner 4 A wheat-growing 5 Thunder Bay province 4

7 Toronto


6 Lake Superior

According to the route we have drawn, let’s see the route one stop by one stop.

Read the first paragraph and answer the following questions:

First stop: Vancouver (paragraph1 and paragraph2) 1.Why are the cousins not flying direct to the Atlantic coast? They want to travel across Canada. 2.What is the continent they are crossing? They are crossing North America.

Read the second paragraph and answer the following question:

Why do many people want to live in Vancouver? a.It is the warmest part of Canada. b.It is beautiful. c.It is surrounded by mountains and oceans. d.People can ski in the mountains and sail in the harbor.

The beautiful sight of Vancouver

Second and Third stops: Rocky Mountains and Calgary (Stampede) (paragraph3)
Read the third paragraph and answer the following questions:

What happens at the Calgary Stampede? Cowboys compete in riding wild horses . They can win thousands of dollars for riding wild horses.

It is always held in July 8—18. It is called “the greatest outdoor show on earth” .

The afternoon’s activity: wild scenery
cross see

Rocky Mountain

mountain goat

an eagle

grizzly bear

Fourth and Fifth stops: A wheat-growing province and (After dinner) Thunder Bay (paragraph4) Read the fourth paragraph and answer the following questions: What are some of Canada’s natural resources? Fresh water from the Great Lakes and wood from its forests.

Thunder Bay
?This city is at the top of the Great Lakes, and is a very busy port, although it is close to the centre of the country.

The last stop: across the top of Lake Superior

According to the whole article, answer the following questions:
1.What is the passage mainly about? The passage is about a trip of two girls, and it tells us some information about Canada. 2.What three words would you use to describe Canada?

☆large ☆beautiful ☆empty

Distance from east to west Oceans on east and west coasts population

Atlantic Ocean(west) Pacific Ocean(east) Slightly over 30million

Where the most Within a few hundred canadians live kilometres of the USA border Location of the largest The Great Lakes fresh water supply Key point about Warmest part ,most beautiful city,most beatiful forests in the world Vancuber Key point about Calgary Famous for the Stampede Key point about Busy port city at the top of Thunder Bay

the Great lakes

True or False.

1.Li Daiyu and Liu Qian went to Canada to see their relatives in Montreal. T 2. You can’t cross Canada in less than five ’ days by train. T 3. Thunder Bay is a port city at the top end of the Great Lakes, near the centre of the country. T 4. The girls looked out the windows and saw Native Indians and cowboys. F 5. The population of Canada is over 30,000,000. T

1.Finish the exercises in Comprehending on Page 35. 2. Learn the useful new words and expressions in this part by heart.

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