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I was on my way home when a man came up to me excited,yellin

I was on my way home when a man came up to me excited,yelling:“Gil! Gil Gadson!”I said“yes,”to which he grabbed me in a bear hug.He stepped back and saw the look of on my face.He continued to how he knew me.

You see,I work in the of mental health and substance(藥物)abuse and often speak at places.He said that at one such place.I had given a speech about the of gratitude(感激) and that it had changed his life.He said we had even for a while after my speech and that my words had made him re-evaluate everything in his .He continued by sharing that he started the things he had,stopped feeling sorry for himself and had become in his life and for others.

He that he had made apologies to those he had and opened his eyes to all who had always showed him kindness,and love.He then hugged me again very and with tears in his eyes said that I had his life and he’d be forever grateful.We exchanged and information and then he was gone-promising to in touch with me.I did not remember this man I will definitely call him.

I tell this story because when talking about ,it often happens from complete  who kindly validate(驗證)our very existence with just a few words.I believe that the power in kindness and love sent him to the sadness and replace it with confidence,optimism,belief and faith...and it did !

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